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Bridging Voices-Uniendo Voces

Bridging Voices-Uniendo Voces, LLC provides consulting services, training and professional interpretation and translation services.​


Bridging Voices Logo (1).png

Bridging Voices-Uniendo Voces

Our mission is to promote language justice and advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice through our consulting practice. We aim to create a world where language is not a barrier to access, understanding, participation and empowerment. We are committed to providing high-quality interpretation and translation services that bridge communication and ensure equitable opportunities for all.

Our vision is to be a leading language justice consulting practice that champions diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in every aspect of our work. We strive to create a society where language is celebrated as a source of strength, cultural richness, and connection. We envision a world where everyone, regardless of their language background, has access to information, resources, and opportunities and the ability to participate and engage.


Training, Consultation, Interpretation and Translation



Whether you're looking to train your multilingual staff, or support your organization's language justice vision, Bridging Voices can help. We offer training and consulting on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice with an expertise in language justice. 
Bridging Voices also offers quality interpretation and translation services between English and Spanish. 

Upcoming Workshops

Join Bridging Voices in a variety of workshops ranging from Interpreting in Educational Settings to Vicarious Trauma and Interpreters. Check back frequently for latest offerings.



Veronica A. 

School District Employee

I took Lena's training twice. This is a refresher for me, but it's like watching a good movie twice. 

Allegra Roth
Food & Climate Program Manager 
Community Environmental Council

Lena and her team at Bridging Voices are incredible assets to this community. We used their services for a multi-month project, that needed multiple types of translation and interpretation services, and Lena helped us in a timely, professional and thoughtful manner. They have been unbelievably helpful as we adapted to virtual zoom settings, and we look forward to working with them in-person as well. I would absolutely recommend their services.

Carolyn Mullin
Executive Director
Oxnard Performing
Arts Center

Bridging Voices has made pivoting to bilingual virtual programming a breeze. Lena and her team consistently go above and beyond providing thoughtful and professional translation services; they hand-hold clients every step of the way. This has been an empowering and cost-effective way for us to go digital and better serve our community.

Michelle Howard
Development Director 
Wilderness Youth Project

I heartily endorse Bridging Voices-Uniendo Voces and Lena Morán-Acereto's services.

I've had the opportunity to work with Bridging Voices in three distinct capacities: as a nonprofit executive hiring support for equity, diversity and inclusion consulting (professional development and ongoing team support); as a long term language justice interpretation and translation client; and as a school board trustee hiring consultants.  I've previously engaged other consultants and interpreters, and Lena's work has consistently emerged as the highest quality.  Her team brings expertise together with a warm inclusive approach that is ideal for school and nonprofit settings. 

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