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Exclusive Services


language justice training and consulting

  • Interpretation workshops for multilingual staff cater to individuals of all language proficiencies, offering a language-neutral learning environment that spans from foundational to advanced levels. Sample workshops include: 
    • The Community Interpreter/The Medical Interpreter​ (40 hour certificate)
    • Interpreting in Educational Settings
    • Interpreting in Special Education Settings: IEPs
    • Introduction to Community Interpretation
    • Customized skill building trainings
  • Workshops for staff, leaders and stakeholders in organizations who work with interpreters and translators. Participants will learn best practices to set up multilingual environments, work with interpreters and communicate effectively too foster more equitable communication. Sample workshops include:
    • ​From Access to Justice: From Access to Justice: Creating Inclusive, Multilingual Spaces in Community Settings
    • Working with Interpreters in Special Education Settings
  • Language Access Consulting
    • Organization wide language justice assessment
    • Development of language access plans
    • Development of Language access handbook


Interpretation refers to the process of orally or visually (through sign) transferring message from a source language to a target language without adding, deleting or changing the message. Bridging Voices provides quality interpretation services between English and Spanish in a variety of community settings (remote and in person)
  • Examples of events:
    • Schools/Districts:
      • IEPs (Individualized Education Program) Meetings
      • Parent/Teacher Conferences
      • SARB Meetings (School Attendance Review Board)
      • Back to School Nights: 
      • PTA Meetings
    • Organizations/Businesses
      • Webinars
      • Conferences
      • Town Halls
      • Workshops​
      • Focus Groups


Translation is the written process of transferring messages from a source language to a target language and another tool for language access. Bridging Voices can work with your organization to translate internal materials, outreach materials, marketing and communications material. 
  • Examples of written materials:
    • Websites
    • Newsletters
    • Press releases 
    • Flyers
    • Social media posts
    • Manuals
    • Brochures
    • Focus group transcription and translation


The work of Bridging Voices is centered on diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion and justice. Bridging Voices has worked with schools, non profit, health care, government, arts and other organizations.
Services include:
-Voice overs
-Facilitating focus groups
-Designing and facilitating workshops on DEAI, cultural humility, family and community engagement

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