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Interpretation Coaching

As a trained, qualified and seasoned professional interpreter, I provide individual coaching services for interpreters of all levels. Coaching sessions are an investment in personnel and involve observation in meetings and then debrief sessions. There is nothing quite like the work that we do as interpreters. There are moments where all the elements are in sync, our memory is in great shape and our vocabulary just flows, and there are also moments where we forget words, we are easily flustered by the environment and we lose control of the flow of communication. It is important to acknowledge all of these experiences and there is no better way to improve than through feedback from real world situations Coaching will involve observation, evaluation and conversation, skill review and suggestions for further learning and application of skill sets.

Call 805 420-8409 or email for pricing and scheduling.

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This workshop is intended for school and school district multilingual staff tasked with interpretation in special education settings.

Participants will learn or refine the skills needed for interpretation in Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) settings.


Topics covered:

  • Protocols

  • Best Practices

  • Skills

  • Acquiring vocabulary and terminology

  • Tips for remote interpretation (video/phone)

Please inquire about future offerings or book a session for your school or district.

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From Access to Justice: Creating Inclusive, Multilingual Settings

This workshop is designed to help organizations ensure that language does not serve as a barrier to positive community and stakeholder relationships and engagement.

Participants will:

  • Understand the role of interpreters and translators.

  • Learn best practices for working with interpreters and translators.

  • Create inclusive multilingual interactions with community members beyond interpretation and translation.

  • Assess current practices and identify areas for improvement.

This workshop is intended for staff and stakeholders involved in the organization who request the services of interpreters and translators for cross language communication (spoken or written). Participants will learn to work in multilingual environments, communicate effectively with limited English proficient community members and foster more equitable communication and outreach.

Please inquire about future offerings or book a session for your organization, school or district.

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Introduction to Translation

This workshop is intended for bilingual employees working in educational settings who are tasked with translation. Participants will put theory into practice and translate and receive feedback on flyers, documents, letters, and other materials commonly translated. Glossaries, resources and tools provided.

Topics Covered:

  • Foundations of Translation: Participants will begin with an exploration of the essential principles and concepts that underpin the art of translation, including linguistic theory, cultural context, and translation ethics.

  • Translation Techniques: In-depth discussions and practical exercises will cover key translation techniques, such as equivalence, paraphrasing, and cultural adaptation.

  • Cultural Awareness: Understanding cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions is vital for effective translation. The course will explore strategies for maintaining cultural sensitivity in translations.

  • Practice: Participants will work on a variety of texts, relevant to their field, to gain hands-on experience and build a portfolio.

  • Feedback and Evaluation: Regular feedback sessions and peer evaluations will help participants refine their skills and build confidence in their translation abilities.

Please inquire about future offerings or book a session for your school or district. 

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