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Networking Group

Monthly: Interpreter Network Lunch hour

Bridging Voices-Uniendo Voces hosts a free monthly networking lunch hour where participants can meet other staff or freelance interpreters/translators/language justice practitioners and share their experiences, find new resources, connect and learn together.

RSVP: 805 420-8409 or

Resumes August 2022


Free Interpreter Training

This free introductory workshop for Ventura and Santa Barbara County residents will cover

  • Ethics and Standards

  • Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Language Justice Concepts

  • Best Practices

July 30 and 31, 2022

9am-3pm over Zoom 

Participants must commit to both days. 

Register by July 20

805 420-84-09

Registration coming soon!

This five hour workshop is intended for school and school district multilingual staff tasked with interpretation in special education settings.

Participants will learn or refine the skills needed for interpretation in Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) settings


Topics covered:

  • Protocols

  • Best Practices

  • Skills

  • Acquiring vocabulary and terminology

  • Tips for remote interpretation (video/phone)

Fall 2022

Typing at Desk

Introduction to Translation

Registration Coming Soon!

This 5 hour workshop is intended for bilingual employees working in educational settings who are tasked with translation. Participants will put theory into practice and translate and receive feedback on flyers, documents, letters, and other materials commonly translated. Glossaries, resources and tools provided.

Topics covered are

  • Translation techniques 

  • Terminology research

  • Best practices